Bespoke Social Media Captions Writing Service in English and/or Native Italian

Attract more clients, grow your followers, and make them loyal through social networks. You will improve your brand identity and online visibility and eventually have more success in the market. Do it now through tailored and emotional market-oriented social captions for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Viadeo, and other social profile pages. Discover how you can do that with this exclusive pack and tell your story in Italian and/or English.

plan your advertising investments better with social media caption writing packs: fixed fee, zero surprises, more advantages

Choose from three social captions packages. The more you buy, the less you pay.

100/200/300 written in either Italian or English or in both languages (50%+50%)

Each social media caption writing package includes:

  • Analysis of your project/message/image/video
  • Main competitors analysis
  • Writing of 100/200/300 social media captions of up to 160 characters
  • Two (2) versions of the same caption
  • A third version of the same social caption with a CTA (Call To Action) if requested
  • SEO writing with keywords you provide or I can search and analyse using the proper tools (for ex. Google Planner)
  • #hashtags writing (according to the platform you are using)
  • Proofreading
  • Research of one (1) professional quality stock image/video if required
  • One (1) link of your choice
  • Unlimited revisions.

Grow and improve your online social presence now

Start quickly: order our one-time packages

Order 100 Tailored Social Captions on PeoplePerHour

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200 Captions €165 undefined
300 Captions €245 undefined
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How to SAVE MONEY & TIME in social media writing: choose a MONTHLY or YEARLY PLAN

Monthly Plan
  • 120 Social Media Captions
  • Italian and/or English language
  • 2 versions of each caption
  • 1 version of each caption with CTA
  • 360 captions written in total
  • Optimized for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram
  • Unlimited revisions
  • €79 billed monthly
  • 10% discount from a one-time pack
  • 1-Day Free Trial (5 captions)
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Yearly Plan
  • 1440 Social Media Captions
  • Italian and/or English language
  • 2 versions of each caption
  • 1 version of each caption with CTA
  • 4320 captions written in total
  • Optimized for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Viadeo
  • Unlimited revisions
  • €65.75 billed monthly
  • 16% discount from a monthly plan
  • 33% discount from one-time packs
  • 1-Week Free Trial (25 captions)
Subscribe to the monthly plan with PayPal
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Unsubscribe from the plan
Unsubscribe from the plan
Unsubscribe from the plan

For your social MEDIA posts, images, and videos, create engaging trendy copies: effective and performing.

Social Media Marketing Online Success
Social Media Marketing Online Success

why social media captions are important for your business

A professional online social presence is, nowadays, essential to making your brand updated, modern, and dynamic. This is what any users, customers, fans, and even partners and employees would expect from you.

Give them what they want and are looking for. Make them part of the group, important assets for your business.

Entertain them, care for them, be closer to them with the right communication. Your customers, followers, and fan base are your fellow and all interaction with them must create value for all stakeholders.

Improve your brand identity and customer retention with addictive, viral, emotional, funny market and customer-oriented social captions (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.).


The successful social captions are written with the right length and structure, according to the type of social post or network you are using along with your target and objective.

The right social captions have a strong brand voice that can transmit all your values, mission, vision, benefit offered.

Effective texts for your social network posts contains the right emoji for your message and change when you have an image or video.

Catchy social captions include a professional and evocative photo, picture, or vid provided by you or that I can create or search following the copyright best practices.

Professional engaging social media captions contain the proper hashtags optimized for the social network platform used.

Additional notes and advantages:

1You can use the text wherever and whenever you want.

2The copy will be written in native Italian language or in British/American English, based on your request.

3All the information about you, your project, business, and clients will be reserved and nothing will be given away or sold to third parties or to the public without your authorization.

Delivery terms

You will get the completed work (social captions) in several formats: PDF, DOCX, TXT.

You can receive the documents in the email address you provide or you can get a link to download the files (for ex. DropBox).

Would you like more tools to improve your online ranking?

Do it with fresh and original blogs, articles and landing pages related to your social captions or about other topics of your choice.

Freelance italian copywriting services
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