Camila Cabello – Havana: Happy Pop Latin Sound, Sex Appeal, and Beautiful Voice in a Film-Like Story Music Video

Camila Cabello debut song Havana reviewed and rated. See why I think it’s sexy, relaxing, entertaining, memorable, like a movie. Read here and watch the video.

Her name’s Camila Cabello. She’s a Cuban-American singer and since August 3, 2017 she’s making the whole world singing and dancing on her song “Havana“, released as a promotional single for her debut album “Camila” (2018), and featuring the guest vocals from American rapper Young Thug.

What type of song Havana is

“Havana” can be defined a pop song with a Latin-influenced melody and rhythm. Therefore, anyone listening to it can’t refrain from dancing on the notes that come out spontaneously from everybody’s head as she sing it.

Honestly, even if you are not dancing now, or you’ve never danced it before and never will, don’t you feel you wish to, at least deep down in your heart?

Embed from Getty Images

In addition, people who watch the official music video can enjoy a film-like story, that makes the song even more involving, thanks to its popular and emotional elements: a mix of love story, dancing, socialization, the warming atmosphere of Havana…and Camila’s soothing voice and sex appeal.

On the other hand, it’s not a case that the music video reached 720+ million views (at the time of writing).

My Personal Review About Havana by Camila Cabello

The song lyrics are pretty simple, not really poetic (try to read them without music and tell me if you feel touched). On the other side, this simplicity makes the song very memorable and suitable for dancing too. In my opinion, the happy melody, with an already known style, plays a big role here. I’m sure you can remember it just after the first time you hear it: it’s immediate, spontaneous, very natural.

Embed from Getty Images

Furthermore, thanks to the presence of the singer (well, like for almost every song) and her nice and soothing voice, the involvement is assured. It can be exciting, and at the same time relaxing.

Music Rating:

  • Lyrics: 7/10
  • Melody: 8/10
  • Harmony: 7/10
  • Voice/Singer: 9/10
  • Memorability: 9.5/10
Average rating:  8.1/10

Don’t trust me, trust the video, trust the music, trust the talent of Camila Cabello. Watch the official music video below and enjoy the show.

Anybody’s heart belongs to a place and Camila’s is in Havana.

What do you think about the video, song, singer, and performance? Would you see Camila as an actress too? And what about a model?

Camila Cabello – Havana (Official Music Video) : an exciting film-like video you won’t stop watching.

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