A 2018 Female Pop Stars Music Mixtape That Will Enchant Your Ears Today

Nowadays the music industry is full of songs, musicians, bands, singers and performers of any kind: boys, men, teenagers…and pretty sexy girls and women. I have a feeling in the last few decades, more and more female voices and performing artists have been growing. Therefore today we are going to enjoy a couple of hours with a female pop stars playlist.

Each of them gives the song his/her own fingerprint, making it unique in a way or another. In any genre, the singer’s voice defines the song and its appeal to the listener’s ear.

Why Are Women Singer Rising?

Maybe a predominant factor is the sexy look of a female singer, but I think the voice still plays a big role. In fact, how many times did you find yourself in listening to a song and thinking another singer would do a better work? Or have you ever listened to a song you dislike and discovered, later on, it’s amazing when sung by another artist (maybe a woman)?

It’s not a secret that female voices are more relaxing and appealing to human’s ear and I’m sure you feel that too (this doesn’t necessarily mean a male voice is bad). On the contrary, there are many amazing male singers out there and no one is superior to another: they just have different results and impact.

Embed from Getty Images

The Female Pop Song Mixtape I Chose

Today I decided to follow the trend and share a nice female singer playlist by Wonky Sensitive on Mixcloud that will make you dance, jump, sing or relax, having fun with girl voices.

So let’s go straight to the point and listen to over two hours of music. You can play it during a party with your friends or family or alone during the weekend or after a hard-working day. But the final result will be always the same: having a good time listening to music and feel alive.

Charming female voices singing – a 2018 girl pop stars mixtape

Did you enjoy the music? Which songs do you like? Do you prefer women or men music artists? Next time I will share a male voice playlist and see how much fun we can have. What else would you like to listen? Feel free to share your opinion by commenting below.

Featured Photo by Jon Hernandez on Unsplash

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