10 Free Puppies Images to Make Your Blog or Graphic Project Successful

Puppies are always some of the sweetest living things in the world. In any country, at any age, in any era, baby dogs are always attracting, heart-warming, friendly and helpful. This is still true when they are depicted in photos: cute and catchy images that make a wonderful piece of art or a picture to use for any personal or commercial use.

Let’s discover 10 HD professional photos of puppies you can download and use for free in your personal or commercial projects.

Where Can You Find the Best Free High-Quality Puppies Photos Online?

You may have a personal project you would like to share with family and friends or use in your school educational programme. You could be a writer, blogger, editor, journalist, graphic designer, a creative artist, marketing professional or advertising agency wishing to use high-definition images, making some money from it and without spending a cent.

I’ve selected 10 amazing photos for you and if you wish to know where to find and download them, keep reading below. You will find a nice preview of each image, suggestions on how to use them, and the main specifications of each picture. And remember, they are all in High Definition and free to use for personal or commercial purposes.

1. Black and White Puppy Under Towel

Black white puppy under towel

Format: JPG
Max resolution: 2048×1365 px
License: CC0 Creative Commons
Use: FREE for commercial use
Attribution: not required
You can download this puppy image completely free of charge and use it either for your personal use or commercial purposes. It’s perfect for a blog, business website, book, printed magazine, corporate identity advertising materials, clothes or gadgets. You are free to use this image as a visual addition to your article or as a graphic picture to support your advertisement or to decorate T-shirts, mugs, calendars, etc. The limit is just your creativity.

2. Cream Puppy on Red Cart

Cream puppy on red cart
Michael Seeley | Flickr
Format: JPG
Max resolution: 4873×3249 px
License: CC BY 2.0
Use: FREE for commercial use
Attribution: required
As long as you give the appropriate credit to the author, you can use this image even for commercial purposes: copy, distribute, remix or transform it in any medium and format. Would you like to transmit a funny story about dogs and nature? Do you want to crop the picture, cut and paste just the puppy on the cart and put it on a phone cover? The possibilities are endless!

3. Cute Dog Pet Mammal Canine

Dog Cute Pet Mammal Canine
Format: JPG
Max resolution: 7360×4912 px
License: CC0 Creative Commons
Use: FREE for commercial use
Attribution: not required
This heart-melting picture will make even the evilest person an “angel”. And it’s also available for a free commercial use. It features a nice white subject on a wonderful blurred background that put the focus entirely on the puppy, while the background is perfect to impress some additional elements such as a logo, tagline, slogan, call-to-action sentence, or any other kind of text. What about using it to promote a pet product or a dog festival?

4. Puppy Bolonka Zwetna White Dog

Dog Puppy Bolonka Zwetna White

Format: JPG
Max resolution: 2082×2336 px
License: CC0 Creative Commons
Use: FREE for commercial use
Attribution: not required
This white puppy is so cute and lovable, isn’t it? Don’t you want to cuddle and “squeeze” it straight away (without hurting it of course -Ed.). Here again, the focus is totally on the baby dog, and you can’t stop staring at it.

If you are thinking what you can do with this image, well the reply is everything (except selling it to stock agencies – as the author states too). Imagine to see this photo on a billboard, to sell pet food, or as a cover for a school notebook or diary. How many other applications can you find?

Download Image

5. Newborn Chihuahua in Little Cup

Embed from Getty Images
Format: JPG
Max resolution: 3817 x 2445 px
License: Rights-managed
Use: FREE for non commercial use – embedded
Attribution: included in the embed code
This Newborn Chihuahua is one of the world’s smallest puppies. It can easily stay in a cup or on your hand; “hide” in a pile of fruit, but it won’t get unnoticed thanks to its cuteness. This fluffy friend is named Tom Thumb and was shot in 2009 in Renton, Scotland. This photo gallery is part of a photographic collection you can find and get on Getty Images.

While it has a price tag for commercial purposes, you can freely incorporate it on your website, for example in an article, as long as you don’t use it commercially, but personally or for a fair use, if you would like to talk about the amazing story behind this puppy.

Embed / Download Image

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6. German Shepherd Puppy In Autumn Leaves

German Shepherd dog puppy in autumn leaves

Format: embedded / JPG
Max resolution: 2048×1536 px
License: CC0 Creative Commons
Use: FREE for commercial use
Attribution: not required

Welcome autumn, with its amazing yellow, brown and red colours, plus its typical dried leaves…and a special guest: a beautiful specimen of German Shepherd Puppy who’s surely having a good fun, immersed in nature.

Totally free for personal and commercial use, and without leaving any credit, this image will look great published in a blog post or as an illustrative picture on a book page. What other destinations do you suggest?

Download Image

7. Laying White Puppy On Wooden Floor

Laying white puppy on wooden floor

Format: JPG
Max resolution: 5760×3840 px
License: CC0 Creative Commons
Use: FREE for commercial purpose
Attribution: not required
Nice and relaxing background colours with a soft white animal creature image in the centre. If the main topic of your article, book, ads, artwork or gadget is a puppy, this image can satisfy your need. Coming with a CC0 license, you can use it for your commercial projects too.

What about using it for a veterinary clinic, dog grooming shop, or puppy food producers?

Download Image

8. Sleeping Brown Puppy on a Hand Palm

Sleeping brown puppy on hand palm

Format: JPG
Max resolution: 3276×4913 px
License: CC0 Creative Commons
Use: FREE for commercial use
Attribution: not required

Bring a little with you! This is not a toy, nor a gadget, this is a real little dog, came to the world, maybe, a few days ago. This image depicts a peaceful puppy sleeping on a human palm and can convey a variety of messages.

Therefore, its commercial applications can be wide, included social campaigns. What’s the first thing that comes to your head when you see this photo? Would you adopt this tiny creature if you were asked to?

Download Image

9. Tiny White Puppy Playing on a Hand

White puppy open mouth on hands

Format: embedded / JPEG
Max resolution: 4374×2916 px
License: CC0 1.0 Universal – Public Domain
Use: FREE to use commercially
Attribution: not requested

This lovely fluffy puppy will literally melt the heart of everyone. Soft, funny, sweet and playful, it makes the image memorable and versatile. You can download and use it free of charge for everything. The Creative Common license allows you to copy, distribute, modify and use the work without any permission.

I may suggest to get it either to represent the special man-dog bonding or to be used in a dog-related communication material with a touch of fun and kindness. Moreover, the grey colour background is the perfect “canvas” (or “paper”) to draw additional images or write some text.

Download Image

10. Pug Puppy Sleeping on Chair

Format: embedded / JPG
Max resolution: 5400×3320 px
License: Rights-managed / Customizable
Use: FREE to embed for non commercial use
Attribution: incorporated in the code

Do you have a personal, educational, or non-profit website and are you looking for a special image depicting a pug dog? This photo gallery from Getty Images can be easily incorporated into your site with just one click and the copy-paste of a code…all for FREE. Yet, in case you would like to use it for a commercial project, the agency offers a tailored license system, based on your needs.

Embed / Download Image

Which image do you prefer? In what kind of project would you use them? Do you prefer stock or custom images? Whatever is your need, always keep in mind these pictures are free and being stock images is a good compromise.
Feel free to tell your opinion in the comments below.

Come back soon for more free high-quality images! What’s next:

– groups of puppies
– baby dog couples
– the special relationship between humans and puppies
– additional sweet little dogs


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