10 Baby Dogs Catchy HD Images for Instant Attraction

Dogs are members of the genus Canis (canines) and are the most abundant carnivores on earth. Living with humans for so long time made dogs deeply attuned to men’s behavior. They are social, friendly, loyal, collaborative, helpful in work and able to eat what other canid species can’t.

Their attitude and look make them the man’s best friend – you already know that – stimulating kindness, attraction, and love. And when it comes to baby dogs, the cuteness is endless and the result is heart-melting and touching. Nobody can resist to puppies’ look. You stare at them, touch and hug them, speak with them. You feel them like your own children.


This is just a little part of all the things we can say about dogs and puppies, but we are here to share pictures and suggest the best free images download links for commercial and personal use.

Therefore, here you will discover 10 images about cute, funny and irresistible puppies you can’t refrain from downloading, using as a screen saver on your computer, tablet or smartphone, sharing with your friends on social networks or even using in your blog, articles or commercial projects, whether they are graphic designs or artworks.

You will see the images, you will know where to download them in several sizes and how to use them, according to the license available. So, let’s get ready and start the journey!

1. Australian Sheepdog Puppy

Australian Sheepdog Puppy

Format: JPG
Max resolution: 1920×1079 px
License: CC0 Creative Commons
Use: FREE for commercial use
Attribution: not required
I can easily see this image used as a banner or poster for an advertising campaign. The blue sky on the background is very relaxing and convey trust and is ideal to be used as a space to put some text (logo, tagline, slogan, etc.).

Download Image

2. Black Puppy Dog Sitting on Grass

Black puppy dog sitting on grass

Format: JPG
Max resolution: 5616×3744 px
License: CC0 Creative Commons
Use: FREE for commercial use
Attribution: not required

An amazing contrast between the black fur of the baby dog and the green grass background, make this image attractive and relaxing. Who doesn’t wish to be there and play with that puppy giving him all sorts of toys and food? The message and use are limitless: banner, article image, picture for music or book covers, merchandising, etc.

Download Image

3. Boxer Puppy on Woman Hands

Boxer Puppy on woman hands

Format: JPG
Max resolution: 3611×2592 px
License: CC BY 2.0
Use: FREE for commercial use
Attribution: required
A little fragile thing you would bring everywhere. The perspective of this image is awesome and catchy. It puts the lights on the animal – clearly the main subject of the picture – while the woman’s hands and arms add depth and vitality. As long as you give the credits to the author, you can share, use and adapt this image for any purpose, and the message it can transmit can be really strong and heart-melting.

4. Brown Dog Puppy in Blue Shoe

Brown dog puppy in blue shoe

Format: JPG
Max resolution: 2880×2754 px
License: CC0 Creative Commons
Use: FREE for commercial use
Attribution: not required
What a funny idea! This is a photo composition representing a puppy in a blue shoe against a white background. We don’t know where exactly the baby dog was in the original image, but what catches my interest and attention is the final picture, rich of symbolism that changes based on your point of view and creativity.
Be honest: wouldn’t you like to see your puppy in this cute position? If you own a dog you may have probably experienced such a situation and I’m sure it was lovely and memorable. Following a good link for the free images download.

5. Chihuahua Puppy Dog in Mug

Chihuahua Dog Puppy in mug

Format: JPG
Max resolution: 5184×3456 px
License: CC0 Creative Commons
Use: FREE for commercial use
Attribution: not required
Another little puppy hiding into a human object for a happy, funny and unforgettable image. Whether you have to deal with toys, games, entertainment, websites, books, or advertising, this pictures can suit your needs. The main subject that immediately catches our attention, a green background that relaxes the viewer, and enough space to write your message, impressed on the picture.

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6. Daschund Puppy Wearing a Bathrobe

Embed from Getty Images
Format: embedded / JPG
Max resolution: 5000×3514 px
License: Rights-managed
Use: FREE for NonCommercial use in the embedded version
Attribution: not necessary

7. Hungry Puppy With Big Bone in Mouth

Hungry puppy wit big bone in mouth

Format: JPG
Max resolution: 996×758 px
License: Attribution 2.0 Generic
Use: FREE for commercial use
Attribution: required
What’s better for a dog than a big juicy bone? It’s easy to make someone happy: just give him/her what he/she wants. This is also true for animals and puppies, and this free images download reminds us all the satisfaction and joy of having the most desirable thing on earth.
What can you communicate through this image? It’s all up to your point of view: success, finding, achievement, simplicity, etc.

8. Spitz Puppy With Stuffed Toy

Spitz puppy with stuffed toy

Format: JPG
Max resolution: 4054×2703 px
License: CC0 Creative Commons
Use: FREE for commercial use
Attribution: not requested
If you wish to melt someone’s heart today, you got your image. This little black and white puppy sitting on a pillow with his “friend” stuffed toy is the picture of the day. The dog itself looks like a toy (but be kind and careful and don’t break it, it can’t be fixed and is alive).
Do you have any kind, lovely, cute, friendly and touching message? This can be your image. Anyone would feel hypnotized and enchanted by this little fluffy and tender creature: ladies, girls, women, children, grannies but also men, and who knows? Maybe even other animals.

9. Puppy Dog Wrapped in Blanket

Puppy dog wrapped in blanket

Format: embedded / JPEG
Max resolution: 5092×3395 px
License: CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain
Use: FREE to modify and use commercially
Attribution: requested as shown
Do you like Star Wars Saga? What does this picture remind you? A puppy Jedi?
I’m not sure it has the same abilities, but it has one special power: keeping the viewer and anyone in front of it, enchanted and calmed down.
As per the graphic potentials, the colors and background are perfect for the addition of some text. Regarding the subject, instead, what about using it in a T-shirt or apparel design, theme for a book, CD or smartphone cover.
I think the applications can be a lot. This picture is versatile and stylish, and given it’s FREE, it can be considered a real bargain and opportunity.

10. Puppy Sitting in a Plastic Strainer

Embed from Getty Images
Format: embedded / JPG
Max resolution: 4500×2901 px
License: Standard editorial rights / Custom rights
Use: FREE for NonCommercial use in the embedded version
Attribution: incorporateded in the code
This is not a free images download link, but you can still is the picture for free if use the given embed code.
Do you like animals and their puppies? Which one do you prefer? In which way would you use them?
Feel free to share your opinion and experience by commenting below.
Stay tuned, more free HD professional images to come! What to expect next:
– More cute puppies;
– Baby dogs in group and couple;
– Puppies and the special bonding with humans.

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